Power Generation

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GFM provides mechanical installation services to many of the new wave of fast-starting gas power plants designed to balance wind and solar energy. From exhaust systems and emission control through to bespoke gas trains we have managed many complex projects for our blue-chip clients. All have been completed on time and within budget. Our engineers pride themselves on beating our customer's expectations.

Exhaust gas handling

Where environmental permitting requires, GFM has designed and delivered exhaust gas handling systems to make powerplants compliant, without the need to fit expensive exhaust gas systems. Combining and raising exhaust stacks in many cases can solve the problem economically – our experts have the experience of installing many systems and are ready to advise.

Auto fuelling

Conventionally, diesel-fuelled generation sets have to be fuelled manually, – a labour-intensive task, and critical to keeping sets operational. Our systems overcome these issues and reduce the environmental risks and health and safety issues associated with this task.  With a payback time of under two years, auto fuelling is also a great commercial option.

Cooling systems

Where engine cooling and radiator systems are located on the floor, or on the container roof, GFM is able to fabricate all of the needed pipework – of any size or material – to accommodate the needs of your project.  Off-site fabrication in our factory minimizes time spent on-site and negates various issues such as access, permits and delivery constraints.

Gas supply

Our parent company Green Frog Utilities is a fully independent Utilities Infrastructure Provider (UIP).  GFU can provide fully managed gas infrastructure solutions for large-scale industrial and commercial developments.

Above ground steel pipework for gas trains fabricated by GFM and pre-fabricated pipe spools are produced at our newly established fabrication workshop giving us the flexibility to ensure delivery times and project programs are met.

Engineering excellence